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Hi, I'm Raymond,
and I'm lactose intolerant


As a child, I grew up drinking milk everyday. It's always been a staple of my diet and just tastes so, so good.

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Being a lactose-intolerant dairy lover is tough

After college, I became lactose intolerant and my digestion turned upside down. I was forced to uncomfortable changes to my diet.

I used to bring a whole sleeve of lactase everywhere I go

Our story of trying other lactase pills

I would take multiple pills with every meal. But even that wouldn't be enough.

Our story of trying other lactase pills is not enough

It's time for a better lactase pill

I founded milktab to be the lactase pill I wanted for myself. With milktab, one pill is all you need. Made by the lactose intolerant for the lactose intolerant, it's the most powerful lactase pill ever made.

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